Chicago Blackhawks

Inaugural NFT Collection8-bit!

Be a part of Blackhawks history by getting your first team-issued NFT – choose from 12 animated characters, 48 static characters and 2,000 digital tickets!

Closing in

2 teams in 8-bit gaming glory

Check out the roster and collect your favorite players

12 hockey characters, each with a unique name, description and set of attributes inspired by Blackhawks history, the city of Chicago, the United Center and the great game of hockey are available. Six characters adorn the Blackhawks home red jerseys while the other six wear the team’s road whites to complete a full on-ice lineup of 10 skaters and two goalies. You’re going to want one of these for your collection so look over the roster and choose your favorite characters!

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4 tickets to join in on the action

Select your favorite or collect all 4 to sweep the series and unlock a bonus ‘Golden Ticket’

Add 8-bit collectible tickets to your collection. 2,000 total NFTs are available (500 of each ticket) on a first-come, first-serve basis. Purchasers who buy all four editions and sweep the series will unlock a bonus ‘Golden Ticket’.

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Authentic Verification

The Chicago Blackhawks are making these officially licensed ERC721 NFTs for fans everywhere to collect and enjoy. An NFT is a type of cryptographic token which represents something truly unique- each NFT in this collection has its own unique immutable data, such as: total inventory, serial number (e.g. 1 of 250) and artwork. These Chicago Blackhawks NFTs are minted to last and to be uniquely yours once purchased, NFT owners can click an authenticity link just below the NFT to display the public blockchain open ledger view of their NFT.

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